Pokemon Go Announces First Invitational Tournament

Pokemon GO Update July 2016

The first-ever Pokémon Go Invitational tournament has officially been announced and is happening on Aug. 16. For the first time, trainers in Pokémon Go will compete against each other in an official, competitive setting.

Pokémon Go announced the news on Twitter, firmly acknowledging the PvP community in the game with the update. How trainers get invited and are selected is currently unknown. Because it is an invitational, there could be a screening process for the players to go through before getting chosen.

As the tweet above indicates, the Invitational begins on Aug. 16, and you can learn more by following Pokémon’s official Twitch account. The event starts during the 2019 Pokémon World Championships.

The Championships is getting some decent press, and memes, but it’s worth noting how much hacking goes on to get the perfect team. How that plays out for Pokémon Go related tournaments is unknown.