Pokemon Go Special Events at DreamHack’s Stockholm Friday Match


Planning to attend DreamHack’s Dota Stockholm Major this Friday, and you’re a fan of Pokemon Go? Make sure to bring your smartphone charged, because those at the event are going to get the chance to play some special bonuses during the Dota competitions.

The information came from a tweet published by DreamHackDota’s official Twitter client, which you can view below.

As the tweet implies, the events are going to happen during the Corsair Dream League Major later this week.

Unfortunately, other than the tweet, there are no further details about what the event is going to be or what rewards Pokemon Go players will receive.

Regardless, it’ll be plenty of fun for players who have time to wander around after watching their favorite players duke it out in the Dota 2 arena. For those attending, keep your smartphones on you and check out the Pokemon Go announcements section to learn further details, or follow the DreamHack Dota Twitter page.