Pokémon Go Players have until July 10 to Catch Legendary Pokémon Groudon

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Groudon can be captured again in five-star Raid Battles in Pokémon Go.

In the third generations of Pokémon games, Sapphire and Ruby, there were two Legendary Pokémon that were associated with the lands and sea. They were Kyogre, a giant whale Pokémon, and Groudon, a walking volcano.

Kyogre was made available in Raids in Pokémon Go starting on June 22. Kyogre remained available until June 27. Kyogre has been replaced with its counterpart of the lands, Groudon.

Starting today, June 27, Groudon will be available in five-star Raids.

Despite being red and being associated with lava, Groudon is a pure ground-type. He gains the Fire-typing only when he turns into his primal form. That means his normal form is weak against water, grass, and Ice-type moves. Having a Flying-type Pokémon to face against Groudon wouldn’t be bad either, as flying-type Pokémon are immune to Ground-type attacks.

On the flip side, Groudon is immune to all electric moves and is resistant to poison and Rock-type moves.

Be careful though, Groudon is still capable of using several powerful Fire-type moves like Fire Blast. Solar Beam is a strong grass-type move Groudon can also use, so be cautious of that.

Pokémon Go players will also have the opportunity to encounter a shiny Groudon during raids. Moreover, all level 5 Raid eggs will feature Groudon as well.

Groudon in Raids will last until July 10, at 20:00 UTC. But that won’t be the last chance for players to capture it. Groudon, along with Kyogre, Latias, and Latios, will be Research Breakthrough encounters starting on July 1. These Pokémons will remain Research Breakthrough Encounters until September 1, giving players plenty of opportunities to get their Groudon.