Pokemon Go Players have until June 27 to Catch Legendary Pokemon Kyogre

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On June 22, Pokemon Go players had their second chance to capture the legendary Pokemon Kyogre. There’s still time to capture this rare creature. However, players only have until June 27 to catch one for themselves.

For those interested in capturing this legendary Pokemon, you’re going to need to seek assistance from other trainers. You’re going to find Kyogre at five-star Pokemon Go Raids, which requires a robust and reliable group of trainers to take down.

Trainers eager to tackle the challenging five-star Raid are going to need to rely on electric and grass-based Pokemon to take down the fearsome legendary water-type. Although, trainers should remain wary when using Grass-type against Kyogre as it can know ice-based attacks, which are super useful to them. After taking down the powerful Pokemon, give it a Golden Razz Berry before attempting to capture it to maximize your chances.

Those who have already acquired a Kyogre should still give the raids a chance, as there’s the opportunity to capture a shiny Kyogre.

This event won’t be the last opportunity for players to have a chance of capturing Kyogre, or the other legendary pokemon, such as Groudon. Players are going to have another chance on during July when Kyogre and Groudon are going to serve as rewards for July’s Field Research tasks.

Additionally, on June 29, Niantic is holding a Raikou Raid Day to help celebrate the Pokemon GO Fest event happening in Chicago. The event begins on June 29 and players are going to see special Raid Battles pop up from 4 to 7 PM in their local time where they get the chance to capture Raikou. Players are encouraged to try these raid multiple times as there’s a chance to catch a shiny Raikou.

Niantic is likely to release more special events during the summer with more Pokemon GO Fests happening around the world. We’ll update players as we learn more details about future events.

Players have until June 27 to catch Kyogre for themselves.