Cliff Is The New Team GO Rocket Team Leader In Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO

Professor Willow has not given up on his research and study of Team Go Rocket in Pokemon GO. Today, he has made his findings available to us all, and there is a shocking development as Professor Willow and Blanche ran into Cliff, the new Team Go Rocket Team Leader.

A muscular man with a distinct Poké Ball beard design, approached us. Cliff, just as he appeared in the corrupted files on my computer. His first words were a warning that we were “encroaching on Team GO Rocket territory.” His demeanor was just as stern and intimidating as his photo. He was reluctant to battle us, and told us to retreat in a surprisingly gentle tone. It was clear that this would be the only kindness he’d show us and would not stand down if challenged to a battle. Blanche stood frozen. I made the decision for both of us to head back, we were not prepared for a face-off.

Cliff showed up to tell Professor Willow and Blanche that they were getting too close to Team GO Rocket territory while they were testing the Professor’s Rocket Radar prototype. The prototype didn’t work, but they still discovered Cliff. Cliff initially got teased in some glitched out images released by Niantic, and then confirmed as a new member of Team GO Rocket. Now we know he is a Team Leader, and even who he might end up battling.

With Blanche freezing up, this could mean a face-off between Team Mystic, and Cliff’s Team GO Rocket is on the cards. Perhaps each Team Leader will have a rival Rocket Leader, which could lead to some good fun in events. For now, an eventual face-off seems inevitable because Professor Willow and Team GO Rocket are eventually going to cross paths again.

We will keep you up to date on any more breaking news around Pokemon GO, so stay tuned to the site for updates.