Pokemon Go Community Day on July 21 Features Mudkip

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Are you looking for ways to escape the heat later this summer? Niantic wants to give you an excuse to wander around outside with your friends with a brand new Pokemon GO Community Day, happening on July 21. This event is going to feature the water-type Pokemon, Mudkip.

What’s a Pokemon GO Community Day? These are specific dates where, for a few hours, Niantic make it extremely easy for trainers to find a particular Pokemon. Trainers have the chance to catch the creature effortlessly, making it easier for trainers to capture the shiny version or to evolve the Pokemon to its final form. Additionally, during those hours the particular Pokemon has the chance to learn a move that was previously unavailable for them, making it a standout addition to any trainer’s roster.

The previous Pokemon GO Community Day happened on June 8 and featured the normal-type Pokemon, Slakoth. Trainers who were able to evolve their Slakoth into its final form, Slaking, the evolved form learned the special move, Body Slam. There’s a good chance trainers are going to have this same opportunity with Mudkip if they evolve the Pokemon to its final form, Swarmpert. However, Niantic has not disclosed what that special move is going to be. We’ll learn more details as we draw closer to the event in July.

Trainers have a solid month to prepare for the event. Trainers are going to have the chance to take part in the event in their local area from 4 PM to 7 PM, on July 21. Make sure to plan accordingly with your friends and capture as many Mudkip as you can.