Pokemon Go: October’s Community Day Exclusive Move Is Earth Power


October’s Community Day event in Pokémon Go is going to star Trapinch. The exclusive new move that a fully evolved Trapinch can learn has been revealed to be Earth Power.

Trapinch is a ground-type Pokémon that looks like a big-headed bug. It lives in deserts and loves to dig. It can evolve into Vibrava, a dragonfly Pokémon. Once evolving into Vibrava, it gains the dragon typing. Vibrava can then evolve into a Flygon, which is a desert dragon Pokémon. Flygon is considered to be a Mystic Pokémon and has the appearance of a winged reptile. Trapinch and all its evolution first appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the third generation of Pokémon games.

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Community Day events are monthly occasions that center on one Pokémon, and participating players gain bonuses. In October’s Community Day, Trapinch will spawn more common, and Shiny Trapinch will also be more likely to spawn during the event. One of the bonuses is that players will gain three-times the experiences from catches. Three-hour lures will also be available for players to obtain while the event is going on.

If players fully evolve Trapinch into a Flygon during the time of the event, it will learn an exclusive new move that it couldn’t learn in the game beforehand. Niantic kept the move a secret until today. On the Pokémon Go Twitter account, they reveal the exclusive move will be Earth Power.

The Trapinch focused Community Day will happen on Oct. 12, and it will only last for a few hours in the day.