Pokemon Go: Corrupted Images Associated With Team GO Rocket Revealed

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Niantic has just released distorted images for Pokémon Go that features mysterious new figures.

On the Pokémon Go Twitter account, three new images were revealed. According to the first tweet, the images come from a file that Professor Willow found in a corrupted folder. All three images are distorted with different colors, yet viewers can still make out a mysterious person in each photo and the Team Go Rocket symbol.

The first corrupt image shows what appears to be a woman posing. The second image shows what appears to be a large, buff man. The buff man looks like he is holding something that is in a circle shape; is it a Poké Ball or a coin of some sort? The third person is much smaller than the previous two; you can make out that they are wearing glasses and can even see their sneakers clearly at the bottom of the screen.

The Pokémon Go Twitter account suggests the images are related to Team Go Rocket’s recent takeover of the game. They don’t reveal the identity of the characters, though these mysterious people may be Team Go Rocket admins. Admins, or similar characters, in the main Pokémon games are generally the most powerful members of an evil organization besides the leader. They are much stronger than a normal grunt and are often seen working directly under the main boss himself. Of course, this is just speculation at the moment.

No other information on these mysterious images has been revealed at this moment. However, we expect more news to come from Niantic and Pokémon Go sooner rather than later.