Who is the Current EX Raid Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Moveset Guide

Raid Pokemon change back and forth in Pokemon GO all the time. It’s challenging to keep track of this information, especially when the game changes week by week. Thankfully, we have you covered. This time around the current Raid Pokemon is Deoxys in his Speed Forme.

You’re going to fight Deoxys in the EX Raid.

For those who don’t know what an EX Raid is in Pokemon Go, it’s similar to the previous raid battles players can play in the game. There’s a twist, though. While the EX Raid still happens at a gym, players need to wait to receive an invitation to engage in the fight.

How do players go about receiving these invitations? Players need to have already completed a raid in the past, so if you haven’t, you might be out of luck this time around. And the raid needs to have happened at the gym the invitation is going to come from. All of this is relatively incidental, but those are the rules.

Players are going to receive an advanced warning regarding the raid, so those who get invitations are going to have a decent amount of time to know when they should prepare for one.

For those to engage in an EX Raid, make sure you’re participating in previous raids. Should an EX Raid ever get canceled, trainers affected by this sudden change of events are going to receive five Raid passes and 50,000 stardust.

It doesn’t look like the Deoxys Speed Forme raid is going to get canceled. So if you’re a trainer who got an invitation to jump into one, make sure you get involved right away. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

You want to coordinate with other trainers too because this fight will not be an easy one. Bring the absolute best Pokemon you have to defeat Deoxys.