Pokémon Go Fans Get Shorted Larvesta Eggs After Event Update

Niantic shares that Larvesta will be much harder to catch in Pokémon Go and fans are not happy about this change.

Image via the Pokémon Company and Niantic

The latest event in Pokémon Go has fans doing a double take at the released event presented by Niantic. The event, An Instinctive Hero, highlights the Pokémon Go team leader, Spark, and gives players the opportunity to catch an Elekid with a team Instinct accessory in a Special Research quest.

Alongside this Special Research quest is the arrival of Larvesta, a highly-anticipated Pokémon that fans have been waiting for the chance to catch. However, the only way to catch it is inside of particular eggs. At first, this didn’t seem to be a problem, but hours before the event launched, Niantic provided a small update to the event page that shows it will be difficult to catch Larvesta.

Larvesta Only Available to Very Lucky Trainers in Pokémon Go

The official announcement for An Instinctive Hero was last week, and this was supposed to be the first event to kick off in May 2023. Close to the launch event, several fans noticed that Niantic updated the event page and added, “if you’re very lucky,” at the end of where players can find Larvesta, which spawns inside of 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs.

The PvPoke Twitter page, a popular team-building web browser Pokémon Go players use to create teams to prepare for Pokémon Go PvP battles, pointed this out. If players grab an egg during An Instinctive Hero event, they can see the chances of them hatching a Larvesta at the bottom of all three egg categories.

For a Pokémon that requires 400 Candies to evolve into its final form, Volcarona, it’s incredibly disappointing for fans to see these types of odds stacked against them. Although An Instinctive Hero event cuts the hatch time down for many of these eggs, it’s still time-consuming. Given our experience dealing with these odds, historically, it’s rare that Larvesta will appear during this event, even if we were to focus entirely on trying to hatch 10km eggs.

The Pokémon Go community feels cheated. With these types of tactics, on top of the relatively recent changes to the Remote Raid Pass changes that Niantic made at the start of April 2023, many fans are pulling away from Pokémon Go and are trying to find something else to occupy their time.

We’d like to think that Niantic will make Larvesta more available in the future. For now, we don’t think too many players will have a good chance to catch this Pokémon, let alone evolve it into Volcarona unless the odds go in favor of players.