Dataminers Have Found That Jirachi Will Be Available For Pokemon Go Fest Attendees Next Week


Pokemon GO Fest Chicago will be running from June 13 to June 16, and attendees will be in for a treat. Dataminers have discovered that if attendees can complete a special quest, they will be rewarded with Jirachi. The details of the quest are currently unknown, but this is some good news for anyone who is going.

At the moment it looks like Jirachi will be exclusive to Pokemon GO Fest, which, if true, is a nice way for Trainers to mark their attendance at the events. Jirachi is a steel/psychic type that was first introduced to the Pokedex in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Before people who can’t attend the event feel too bad, it is unlikely that Jirachi will be a meta changer in-game, due to generally balanced stats, it will struggle to find a place in the meta. As such, it will just end up being a nice Pokedex entry for people who attended the event and finished the quest.

Pokemon GO Fest Chicago will be taking place in Grant Park and will begin at 11 am and finish at 7 pm. People will be able to work together, both in attendance and around the globe, to unlock rewards by completing challenges. There will also be special Field Research around the park that people can complete for rewards.