“Special Pokémon” will spawn all around Chicago in celebration of Pokémon GO Fest this weekend

Pokémon Go's 2020 Events Details

For those who are attending the Pokémon GO fest this weekend at Grant Park in Illinois, the event’s host and developers of Pokémon GO have confirmed that “special Pokémon” will be appearing around Downtown Chicago.

The event, which is now into its third year, takes place at Grant Park for those who have purchased tickets through the Pokémon GO website. It includes activities throughout the three days, such as lobbies for each team to meet up with and make new friends, as well as exclusive Pokémon that will only be catchable in the Grant Park area for attendees.

The news means that those in the Chicago area, with or without tickets to the festival, will have a higher chance to encounter some Pokémon that are perhaps more uncommon than normal. The announcement was made via Twitter, and it didn’t specify which Pokémon would be included in this change.

The event follows the recent E3 conferences in California, where Pokémon fans got to discover more about the new and upcoming games in the mainline series, Pokémon Sword & Shield. There was no news regarding Pokémon GO during any of Nintendo’s coverage, but this has been the case for past E3s with the game’s development handled mostly by developer Niantic. The new games are sure to be a talking point for all those at Grant Park this weekend as their November release date draws closer.

This news also follows the reports that data miners found Jirachi in the game’s code, leading to the belief that the Legendary Pokémon would be making an appearance at Pokémon GO Fest this weekend. The announcement by the developers could well be hinting at Jirachi’s appearance.