Tickets For Pokémon Go Fest Dortmund Saturday July 6 Have Sold Out

 Tickets For Pokémon Go Fest Dortmund Saturday July 6 Have Sold Out

Pokémon Go Fest Dortmund will be running from July 4 to July 7, but Niantic have just announced that all tickets for Saturday July 6 have now sold out. The event will be held at Westfalenpark, Dortmund, Germany and will be open each day from 10am to 6pm.

Each day will offer the same experience, and tickets are €25 plus a service fee and taxes. Because of the high demand for the event, people who are interested in the event need to sign up to a draw to win a chance to buy a ticket. For July 6 to be considered sold out, that means that all available tickets have been purchased by people who were chosen in the draw.

If you wish to enter into the draw for a chance to attend Pokémon Go Fest Dortmund, follow the below steps using your Pokémon Go app;

  • Open your Pokemon Go application and go the main menu on the map screen
  • Look for an events tab on the upper-right section (it should be green with a small ticket stub next to it), and click it
  • You’ll see a list of the upcoming events, and you should see the Pokemon Go Fest 2019 Dortmund event tab with a label “Enter Drawing!” near it. Click on the event tab.
  • When you’re in the event tab, you’ll need to confirm what primary email you wish to enter. It will default to the one associated with your Pokemon Go account, so if that’s the one you primarily use, then do not change it. Otherwise, modify it to the appropriate email.

You don’t receive a confirmation email, but will receive email notification if you are selected in the draw, and will then have 48 hours to purchase the ticket. Tickets can be purchased directly through the app if you are selected in the draw. You can purchase up to two tickets, one for you and a friend, but will need to enter their trainer code when purchasing their ticket.

The Pokemon Go Fest events will have all kinds of unique challenges, Field Research, and other fun activities. You don’t even need to be there to take part, as people all around the world will be able to enjoy challenges to unlock in-game global rewards.