Encounter a Shiny Poliwag on Aug 6 to Celebrate Pokemon Go Fest Yokohama

Starting on Aug. 6, at 10 AM JST, trainers have the opportunity to encounter a shiny Poliwag in Pokemon Go. Niantic is making this happen in celebrate of the Pokemon Go Fest happening in Yokohama from Aug. 6 to the 12.

Here’s the official tweet from the Pokemon Go Application Twitter page.

Trainers are going to encounter an increased rate of shiny Poliwags as they play the game. To ensure you’re getting the most out of the opportunity, try to plan your day to visit watery areas. Additionally, have a few lures ready to bring more Poliwag to your immediate vicinity.

The shiny Poliwag, among its evolved counterparts Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, and Politoad, are going to show up quite a bit more during this event. Trainers can expect to see them throughout the time of the Yokohama fest. So even if you’re not attending the Pokemon Go Fest in Japan, you’re still going to reap some amount of the benefits.

Because the event kicks off at 10 AM JST, some players are going to need a time conversion. While the event kicks off on Aug. 6, 10 AM JST, for those on EST, it’s going to be Aug. 5, 9 PM EST, which is going to be Aug. 6, 2 AM BST.

Make sure to check your timezone to know when it’s the earliest time for you to jump in and chase after those shiny Poliwags.