Pokémon Go Reveals First Footage Of Multiplayer Buddy Adventure Mode

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Pokémon Go keeps running and adding new stuff to the mobile game, despite all the attention that might now be focused on the incoming Sword and Shield games releasing in a few days for Nintendo Switch. One of these is Buddy Adventure.

Today, as promised, Niantic has shared the first footage and details about what Buddy Adventure is and how it is going to work for all the players of the mobile title. It’s a very neat piece of a feature that you might be willing to try yourself in the coming months.

Thanks to this new mode, you’ll be able to interact with your buddy Pokémon and have a shared AR experience across different platforms with other players showing their Pokémon. It’s the first proper form of multiplayer coming to the game outside of raids. In case you want to have more definite ideas about what this is, check the video below.

Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure feature will not only allow you to interact with your own Pokémon via the AR camera, it will also provide Trainers with a shared experience of seeing their real-world friends interacting with their buddy pokémon in real-time,” Diana Hu, Niantic’s director of AR Platform, said in a blog post.

“Buddy Adventure is also cross-platform, so whether your friends are on an iPhone or Android device, you will still see them when the feature is enabled.”

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