Dataminers Discover Evidence That Galarian Forms Are On The Way To Pokemon GO

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A datamine of Pokemon GO suggests the game is set to receive new Pokemon in the form of those from the Galar region. Dataminer lewmyd is the one who did all the digging, and thankfully they posted their findings to Reddit. The Galar variant of Pokemon are those due to be available in the upcoming release of Pokemon Sword and Shield in November for Nintendo Switch.

New Code snippits hinting at future a ticketed special event and Galar forms from r/TheSilphRoad

Those that have already come out, such as include Weezing and Zigzagoon, and there are more to come. They work similarly to the Aloha versions of Pokemon, which have already seen in Pokemon GO in previous events. However, with the next game in the series coming up soon, it appears as though the Galar region will see some representation in the popular mobile game. Perhaps it’s the developers Niantic and Nintendo’s way of promoting the new game.

The datamine posted on Reddit appears to include Data entries covering both Galar region Pokemon and consists of the use of “Collosal Discovery.” It could be a hint towards the Pokemon Regigigas according to one user, or even about the Dynamax and Giagantimax mechanics in Sword and Shield. Datamined data can also simply code that the developers left in the game that they were experimenting with, which is reasonably common in releases.

The Galarian forms coming to Pokemon GO feels somewhat inevitable, but it would certainly be interesting if they showed up in the game around the time that Sword and Shield launches.