More Gifts to Give and Get in Pokemon Go’s Limited Event

Pokémon GO

Another event is on the horizon in Pokémon Go. A gift related one. Among the legendaries and Shadow Pokémon and Team Go Rocket, it seems small, but regulars will enjoy this little, ahem, gift. Beginning August 5, trainers can give and receive more gifts, carry more, and hatch eggs faster.

In a post on Twitter and more details on the website, Pokémon Go announced an upcoming gifting event for players.

The noteworthy part of this event surrounds eggs. Don’t be shocked to find two-kilometer eggs in gifts; they will still hatch the usual Pokémon. In addition to the shortened time, eggs have a chance to contain a shiny Bonsly.

While that’s probably the most exciting part, there is more. The website notes that throughout the event, Trainers can carry up to 20 gifts and open up to 30 per day. Typically, Trainers can only have ten gifts in their inventory and open up to 20 in one day. The increase will encourage players to send and receive more gifts, and with the eggs taking significantly less time, people might be more willing to open them. I know I tend to hold gifts until I have space for more eggs.

The event begins Monday, August 5 at 1 p.m. PDT and ends Monday, August 19 at 1 p.m. PDT. Good luck getting that shiny Bonsly, Trainers.