Pokémon GO is approaching $3 billion in total revenue after having its best month since September 2016

Image via Niantic

Pokémon GO has been having a renaissance in recent months, with the addition of Team Rocket, Shadow Pokémon, and so much other content, the community is holding strong.

But the most impressive part of the game’s resurgence is the fact that August was the best month for the game financially since September 2016, which was just two months after its initial launch.

With the content drops coming out in full force, players were coming back for something whether that be to check out the Team Rocket related stuff or to catch themselves a shiny Rayquaza, the game truly hit in a way it hasn’t since the initial craze.

Growth for Pokémon GO has been strong throughout all of 2019, but the profits from the game skyrocketed due to recent content drop pushing player spending up. New Pokémon dropping, rotating Raid Battles, and Community Days helped players feel like they had a reason to get out and catch some mons – which is put into perspective by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad,

That spending has put Pokémon GO in some very illustrious company, as it will be just the second mobile game to crack three billion dollars in total revenue within its first three years on the market. Only Clash of Clans has done it before, and Pokémon GO is well ahead of third-place Clash Royale.

The continued success of Pokémon GO is astounding to watch, especially since most mobile titles never recover from the initial dip. Niantic has shown before with Ingress and now with Pokémon GO that they know how to keep the community happy with constant and well-planned content.

And with the release of Generation Five Pokémon on the horizon, the game won’t be slowing down any time soon.