Pokemon Go Cancels Legendary Raid Hour for Mewtwo

Pokémon GO

Trainers in Pokemon Go were getting geared up for the legendary battle against Mewtwo, aiming at their chance to capture the outstanding Pokemon and add them to their collection. However, due to technical difficulties, Niantic has had to cancel the event. They are going to return to it at a later date.

The technical difficulties were released earlier this morning by Niantic’s official Twitter page, which you can read below.

Much like the tweet by Niantic says, the event got canceled with no official renewed date. Trainers are eagerly awaiting to learn when they’re going to have the chance to go after Mewtwo again. Luckily, trainers probably do not have to wait too long for the event to happen.

Due to Niantic hinting at the release of Pokemon’s fifth generation of creatures, they need to meet the demands of their mobile community and honor those cryptic tweets they’ve been leaving for the past week. They’re going to want to meet the community’s hype, but the developers don’t want to provide an opportunity like a Mewtwo encounter and have it go to waste.

Trainers are going to need to keep an eye on Niantic’s Twitter page if they’re going to want to learn when the event is going to get renewed. For now, though, players can look forward to the news of the next Community Day, which happens on Oct. 12. While the dates released quite some time, the Pokemon has remained a mystery. Today, Niantic announced the October Community Day Pokemon is going to be Trapinch, and you can check out the shiny evolutions of this Pokemon, here.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Legendary Raid Hour for Mewtwo as Niantic figure out their technical issues and get those squared away. We’re going to post the updates when we have them.