Pokemon Go Introduces “Mysterious Components” From Team Go Rocket Grunts

Pokemon GO

A new item has entered Pokémon Go called “Mysterious Components.”

Niantic has released a new blog post called the Willow Report, which is expected to get updated in the future. In this first report, Willow reveals he has discovered a new item called the “Mysterious Components.” This unique item gets dropped by Team Go Rocket grunts.

Team Go Rocket is an underground organization that uses Pokémon for evil deeds. Pokémon Go players can battle against Team Go Rocket Grunts at grey-colored PokéStops. Grunts use Shadow Pokémon, which are Pokémon corrupted with a black aura. Beating a grunt rewards a player one of the grunts’ Shadow Pokémon, which they can then purify.

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The professor suspects the “Mysterious Components” is related to how Team Go Rocket has been taking control of PokéStops and gathering resources. He also alleges Team Rocket may be using the devices for other things, as it is very advanced. The professor describes the device as being made out of metal alloy and being cold to the touch. The item emits a purple color on screen, which does nothing if touch.

At this moment, it is unknown how “Mysterious Components” works. Nonetheless, Team Go Rocket will start dropping them after being defeated in battle. Players can begin stocking upon them in the game, even though their current functions are a mystery.