Pokemon Go: November Community Day Will Star Chimchar

Pokémon GO

Chimchar will be the star in the next Pokémon Go community day event on Nov. 16.

Community Day in Pokémon Go is a monthly event where one specific Pokémon appears more commonly in the wild. Shiny versions of these particular Pokémon are more likely to appear, and the more of this Pokémon you capture, the more experience you gain. If you can evolve the specific Pokémon to its last evolution, then it learns a completely new move.

Other bonuses go to players who take part in the event, including unique lures and a higher hatch rate for eggs. Community Day only lasts for a few hours in a day, making the time for players to capture that specific Pokémon and evolve them extremely limited.

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October’s Community Day centered on Trapinch, the bug looking ground-type Pokémon from Generation three. Evolving Trapinch, all the way to a Flygon, lets it learn Earth Power, a ground-type move it couldn’t learn in the game beforehand.

Today, it got announced that Chimchar would be the star for November’s Community Day. Chimchar is a fire-type monkey Pokémon, who served as the fire starter in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It can fully evolve into Infernape, a fire and fighting-type monkey Pokémon.

The Chimchar Community Day event launches on Nov. 16. Three hour lures will be available for participating players, and any Chimchar that fully evolves into an Infernape will learn an exclusive move. However, at this moment, the select move is being kept a secret. The event will last from 11am to 2pm

Image Header Source: Serebii