Pokemon Go Offering More Horsea To Celebrate Pokemon Go Fest Chicago


Pokémon Go is going to make Horsea appear more frequently.

Starting on June 13, Niantic will be holding the Pokémon Go Fest Chicago. Players will be able to purchase tickets to go to an event in Grant Park, Chicago.

At this event, Pokémon Go players will be able to find special challenges and rewards. Special Research will also be available at this event. There are also Go Snapshot photo opportunities in the park.

Horsea is the Water-type Pokémon that looks like a seahorse. They have known fans for being very cute, and for being one of Misty’s Pokémon in the anime.

In celebration for Pokémon Go Fest Chicago, are going to have Horsea encounters be a lot more common in the entire world. There are also stronger odds to get a shiny Horsea during this period.

Horsea will begin spawning more frequently in Pokémon Go on June 13, at 6 AM PDT.