There Is A Special Surprise For One Piece Fans In Pokemon GO

 There Is A Special Surprise For One Piece Fans In Pokemon GO

There’s more than straw hats and special Pikachus for players to find in the One Piece and Pokemon GO crossover event. According to Redditor Hoosier_Jedi, there is also another reference to Luffy in the game. It appears there’s a statue of Luffy in Eiichiro Oda’s hometown in Japan has been turned into a Pokestop. If you visit the statue, you can see a piece of the original art of Luffy that Oda drew.

It is a simple enough piece of art, but One Piece fans are loyal people. It’s a nice touch to reward their dedication in such a way. Luffy is, of course, wearing his straw hat in the artwork. While it’s difficult for most of us to visit the statue in Japan, it is still an excellent discovery for anybody who can.

Even if you can’t visit the statue, you can still get your hands on a Straw Hat Pikachu to add to your collection. Up until July 29, you can catch Straw Hat Pikachu and add him to your Pokedex. The new Pikachu appears in the wild, giving you plenty of chances to catch him and establish yourself as a trainer with taste and style. You can also pick up a Straw Hat for your Trainer avatar in the game’s shop so the two of you can match.

One Piece is an extremely long-running story and has amassed a vast number of fans around the world. The collection started in 1997, and it has grown to over 80 volumes and is a critical success worldwide. It is the world’s best selling manga, with over 430 million copies sold. The series has also spawn tv shows, video games, and a whole host of tie-in merchandise.

Remember, you have until July 29 to add Straw Hat Pikachu to your collection. We also don’t know if the Luffy Pokestop and artwork will disappear when the event is over, although it seems likely. As such, if you want to visit it, it might be a good idea to get that done before July 29.