Sierra, Cliff, And Arlo Are The New Team Go Rocket Members In Pokemon Go


New images and the names of the recently revealed Team Go Rocket members in Pokémon Go have been released.

A few days ago, the official Pokémon Go Twitter account tweeted out some distorted images. The images were found by Professor Willow, who discovered them in a corrupted file. The distorted images were linked to Team Go Rocket, the evil Pokémon Organization that is based on Team Rocket from the games. Each image had the Team Rocket logo and three mysterious people.

We would get a clearer image of the mysterious people in a newer imaged released by Niantic yesterday. The new image showed a trainer confronting the three new characters on a staircase, while Giovanni stands on top. Thanks to the new image, we finally get to the see that the three mysterious people are an older woman in a white suit, a buff man in a black uniform, and a younger person who is wearing some eye protection and a black uniform. They are all members of Team Go Rocket, and their uniforms contain the official logo of Team Rocket.

Early today, the Pokémon Go Twitter account released three new images on these new characters. These brand new images appear to be clean out versions of the distorted photos that Willow initially discovered. We get a much clearer look at the new Team Go Rocket members, and each picture has a title. The titles are probably the names of the members.

The image of the muscular man holding a Poké Ball is labeled “Cliff.” The photo with the younger person with the glasses is titled “Arlo.” Finally, the picture with the woman in the white suit is called “Sierra.”

“Cliff,” “Arlo,” and “Sierra” are most likely the admins for Team Go Rocket. Admins are like lieutenants for evil organizations in the mainline Pokémon games. While they are never as strong as the leaders of the organization like Giovanni, they are much more powerful than the average grunt.