Rotom Teased by Pokemon Go Twitter Account

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Early on Sunday, the Pokemon Go official Twitter account sent out a cryptic tweet many are regarding it as the development team’s way to hint at the arrival of Rotom.

Here’s the tweet for those interested in checking it out.

Rotom is an exciting Pokemon. While Rotom does not evolve, he has five alternative forms beyond his standard one. The creature attains these forms by taking over basic household appliances. For example, if the Rotom were to possess an over, it would become a Heat Rotom, and slightly look like the appliance. Typically, a standard Rotom is an electric and ghost-type Pokemon. When it changes forms, it retains its base electric-type but gains the focus of the new form.

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There are five forms in total, not counting its standard one: Heat, Wash, Frost, Fan, and Mow.

The base stats of the Rotom do not change, but the typing does. For trainers who are lacking a particular type of Pokemon in their line-up, they might enjoy using this Pokemon in the standard edition. If the creature were to make its way to Pokemon GO, we could see trainers vying for all six types of Rotom, wanting to catch them all. Each form could feature a variety of moves, making it a unique choice in any trainer’s line-up.

Unfortunately, beyond the cryptic tweet, we did not receive any more information. We’re going to want to learn more in the future, but we’re likely going to see this Pokemon sometime near the end of the year, or even early 2020.

At this time, trainers are eagerly going through tourism research tasks and trying to get all of their rewards. If you’re still having trouble with some of them, we have the complete list right over here. We also created a guide on how to complete those tasks, too.