Pokemon Go: Team Go Rocket Invasion Coming Nov. 7, New Video Releasing Tomorrow

Pokémon GO

Image via Niantic

Pokémon Go has been building up a significant confrontation with Team Go Rocket for some time. It started when Niantic shared encrypted images of three mysterious figures. These figures would end up getting revealed to be the new leaders for Team Go Rocket, and work directly under Giovanni.

Since then, Professor Willow has been releasing reports detailing new information on Team Go Rocket. The reports initially began as journal entries discussing mysterious components that certain Team Go Rocket Grunts will drop. Because Willow kept investigating the mysterious component, he was able to create a device that could potentially track Team Go Rocket’s hidden base.

He eventually draws in the aide of the Pokémon Go Team Leaders, and all three Team Leaders have encounters with Rocket’s new Leaders. The Rocket Leaders than sent out encrypted messages to Willow and the Go Leaders, mocking them.

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In today’s Willow’s report, the professor was able to decode a hidden message from the leader of Team Go Rocket. Much of the message is still blanked out, but it appears that Giovanni plans to do a full-on invasion on Nov. 7.

The official Pokémon Go Twitter account will later share a YouTube clip for a video that has yet to be released. The video will center on Team Go Rocket and will detail how players can potentially encounter one of the Rocket Leaders. The video or stream is expected to release at 6 a.m., pacific daylight time, on Nov. 7.