Pokémon GO Team Leaders Beat Team Go Rocket Leaders

Pokemon GO

The saga of Team Go Rocket infiltrating Pokémon GO continues. In the most recent update to the story, the three leaders of the game’s color teams have taken on the three Team Go Rocket leaders in battle.

The official Pokémon GO website offered a summary of how each battle against the three Team Go Rocket leaders went. First, Team Mystic leader Blanche took on Team Go Rocket leader Cliff. Blanch was able to quickly claim victory without having any Pokémon faint, causing Cliff to storm off angrily.

Next, Team Instinct leader Spark battled against Sierra. It was a close match, almost ending in a tie, but Spark managed to come out victorious. Sierra, disappointed by her loss, claimed she was going easy on Spark.

Lastly, Team Valor leader Candela battled Arlo. The two agreed to a set of rules that prevented Arlo from using his Shadow Pokémon and instead had him use the party he used back when he and Candela were teammates. After Candela had defeated two of Arlo’s three Pokémon, Candela reached out to Arlo, asking him to quit Team Go Rocket and come back to Team Valor. Arlo rejected the offer and fled before finishing the battle. His retreat made Candela the victor.

Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo are planning to set up more hideouts to further attacks against Pokémon GO players. As part of this continuing Team Go Rocket story, new Special Research has come to the game. The events of this Special Research are reportedly meant to prepare players for a final stand-off with the main leader of Team Go Rocket, Giovanni.