Pokemon Go Reveals Team Go Rocket Leader Sierra


In an update to the Willow Report focused on Team Go Rocket, Pokemon Go revealed another of the organization’s leaders, Sierra. In the blog, the Team Instinct leader Spark went on a journey to save eggs from getting stolen from PokeStops. This act is the first time we have heard of eggs being poached at PokeStops by Go Rocket.

In the past, it has seemed they were collecting items, and after defeating them in battle, you could catch one of their shadow Pokemon. While on his journey, he comes face-to-face with the leader who sees him as no threat and walks off. So far, the above image is the only visual we have of Sierra.

The past week in Pokemon Go has been heavily focused on Team Go Rocket. On October 22nd, WIllow found what he called “Mysterious Components” that we’re allowing Team Go Rocket to take over PokeStops.

They get dropped by defeating the Grunts you battle at taken over Pokestops. Two days later, the Rocket Radar Prototype got shown, which should reveal where Rocket leaders are after collecting enough mysterious components. On the 26th, the first Go Rocket leader, Cliff, came out.

Pokemon Go’s news with Team Go Rocket is ramping up to a big new reveal. Could we finally see Giovanni? The blog does refer to him. Expect to see more revealed in the coming days.