Pokémon GO Teases 2019 Halloween Event

Pokemon Go Teams

Pokémon GO has teased from its official Twitter account a Halloween event for 2019 is coming soon. Similar to previous Halloween events, there will be an array of Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon to catch in the wild. With the fifth generation in the game, that means more spooky creatures such as Litwick, Yamask, Golett, Zorua, and more from previous generations.

Along with more Pokémon to catch, we should expect new customization items for our trainers, such as hats, shirts, and more. This event is also the perfect opportunity to grind for more Pokémon Candy with the Halloween multiplier, whether for catching Pokémon in the wild, hatching eggs, or transferring unused Pokémon. Raids are also a likely chance to happen with certain Pokémon as well.

The date’s release for the Halloween event is currently unknown but should start around Oct. 21 if the dates coincide from when previous events happened. For a more spooky time, there is also the possibility of having new research tasks that will reward players with anything Halloween related. Even if they are probably going to be the same events, the more rewards are, the merrier for regular players. It will undoubtedly be fun to do the trick or treating while looking for new Pokémon, hatching more eggs, and receiving more candy.

What will you be expecting during the Halloween event? Which new Ghost or Dark-type Pokémon are you looking forward to catching?