Pokemon Go Teases Jirachi for Ultra Challenge

Pokemon GO

The anticipation is building for Pokémon Go’s upcoming Ultra Challenge announcement. A half an hour after the first teaser, Pokémon Go tweeted another hint. This time it looks like it could be Jirachi.

Earlier this morning, Pokémon Go announced an Ultra Challenge as a reward for over 36 million completed research tasks. Pokémon Go hasn’t fully announced the details of this Ultra Challenge just yet, but it certainly knows how to keep our attention. Shortly after the first announcement, Pokémon Go teased the possible Pokémon of the day for the Ultra Challenge: Jirachi.

Jirachi is looking pretty likely with this tweet alone. Jirachi is the star-shaped Wish Pokémon. Beyond the name, the appearance references wishes. The star shape comes from wishing on a star and the hanging paper references writing wishes during the Star Festival. If anyone associated with Pokémon references a wish, it’s bound to bring Jirachi into the conversation.

Just like it has here. While it hasn’t been officially revealed, it’s looking pretty likely that Jirachi will be involved in this Ultra Challenge.