May 2019’s Pokémon Go Community Day features Torchic

Pokemon Go Update 169

Niantic has announced which Pokémon will be featuring for its May 2019 Pokémon Go Community Day— and it is none other than Torchic, the Fire bird Pokémon from the Hoenn region.

The Community day will start on May 19 for everyone around the world and will kick off at 3 pm local time until 6 pm. Torchic’s will see increased spawns during this time window, giving everyone a chance to get themselves as many Blazikens as possible.

There will also be 3x catch Stardust, three-hour lures, and an exclusive move for those that evolve their Torchics during this time window. As always, the move will be hidden until closer to the event.

Don’t forget, able trainers, that the inclusion of Torchic on May 19 will also bring with it Shiny Torchic variants to find exclusively during the three-hour window. Torchic’s inclusion this month also means that Mudkip, the last of the three Hoenn starter Pokémon not to get a Community Day, will highlight July’s Community Day in a few months.

Treeko, the Grass-type Hoenn starter, was the star of March’s Pokémon Go Community Day while Bagon was the main Pokémon this month. June’s Community Day Pokémon, therefore, is a complete mystery and could be any of the many fan-favorite Pokémon.