New Ultra Bonuses In Pokemon Go Includes Regional Bonuses And Deoxys In All Raids

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Week 2

Pokémon Go new Ultra Bonuses includes regional Pokémon, and the Mythical Deoxys appearing in all raid battles.

The Pokémon Deoxys initially only appeared in EX Raids in Pokémon Go. EX Raids are similar to regular raids, which are special events that different players can work together to defeat a very powerful Pokémon at a local gym, except EX Raids require players to have an EX Raid Pass. A player needs to be invited to be a part of an EX Raid to get an EX Raid Pass.

However, as part of the second week of Ultra Bonuses, Deoxys will appear in regular five-star Raids. Deoxys is a Mythical Pokémon, meaning it is mighty and rare. There are also four different forms of Deoxys, all of which will be available in regular Raid battles. The four forms are Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed.

A Tweet on the Pokémon Go Twitter account reads, “Build an epic team to challenge Deoxys with the Pokémon featured in raids.” The phrase seems to suggest that Pokémon strong against Deoxys will also be featured in raids.

Deoxys is a pure psychic-type, which means it is weak against bug, dark, and ghost Pokémon. Be warned though; it is also strong against fighting and poison-type.

Deoxys in regular Raids isn’t the only reward for Pokémon Go’s second week of Ultra Bonuses. Regional Pokémon, which include Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, Tauros, and Farfetch’d, can now hatch in 7 km eggs. Shiny variants of these regional Pokémon can also be hatched, so start stocking 7 km eggs if you want these Regional Pokémon, unless you want to travel to different parts of the world to try to get them.

The second week of Pokémon Go’s Ultra Bonuses will last from September 9 to September 16.