Pokemon Go Teases An Ultra Challenge Announcement

We have big news in the Pokémon Go world. Thanks to all the research tasks trainers completed, a new “Ultra Challenge” will be released.

In a Twitter post, Pokémon Go announced an upcoming reveal for a new Ultra Challenge. The challenge is a reward for completing over 36 million research tasks, which is quite the milestone.

The tweet itself congratulates trainers on the accomplishment and suggests there are some more unknown research tasks ahead. What precisely this Ultra Challenge reward remains a mystery. Pokémon Go is charmingly coy about the information and teasing just enough to keep us on our toes.

Previous Global Challenges have been legendary Pokémon raid bonuses. For example, the upcoming Suicune raid day is a Global Challenge, so we can at least suspect something along those lines. Whatever that “Ultra” part is in this Ultra Challenge and how that changes it from previous ones is still unknown.