Pokémon Masters details confirmed via stream, coming this summer


Today’s reveal of Pokémon Master, the next mobile game from The Pokémon Company and developer DeNA, who developed many of Nintendo’s in-house projects, shared new details about the game.

The reveal contained many cinematic elements and included some famous gym leaders, such as Cynthia, Brock, Misty, and even the criminal rival trainer in Generation 2. It also featured characters from the anime series and trainers in the game. The game’s visuals look eerily close to the mainline series’ appearance. The mobile game is going to feature 3v3 battles that occur in real-time.

Pokémon Master takes place on the new island, Pasio. Players are going to carry a single Pokémon of their choosing and encounter a wide variety of trainers from the game’s past mainline series. These famous pairs are referred to as Sync Pairs when you team up with them.

Battles consist of you and your team going up against another three-person team with trainers from other games. The battles work with a time gauge, which fills up to allow you to use a move from the Pokemon’s list. It’s essential to get the attack out as soon as possible with the real-time nature, so planning a move while the time gauge fills is critical. You can also perform Sync attacks with the rest of your team to unleash some devastating power.

The game allows trainers to use moves, boost, or heal their Pokemon. The trailer highlights using X-Items while battling to provide stats boosts in real-time to help counter the strengths of the opposite teams.

While the number of trainers in the game is unconfirmed, there were visuals of several gym leaders and members of the Elite 4. It was also not confirmed if there was a PvP element to the game, so it is likely to be PvE only, at least on release.

The game was first shown by Nintendo during a Press Conference in late May, along with other mobile games, such as Pokémon Sleep. While it’s been known for some time to be in development, details so far have been sparse, though this trailer detailed a great deal.

It is due for release on iOS and Android devices later this summer.

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