Earn Pokémon Gym Badges in Pokémon Masters


Pokémon Masters has been revealed this morning, and one of the most significant takes from the stream is that trainers can take on battles with gym leaders from previous games to earn badges, similar to that of the mainline Pokémon games.

The cinematic trailer shows a trainer similar to Ash/Red, accompanied by Brock and a female trainer (assumed to be the player), battling it out with Erika, the Grass Gym Leader from the Kanto region, and her team. After winning the battle, she presents the trainer with her gym badge to add to their collection.

The information from the stream also revealed that the trainer would embark on a journey to qualify for the Pokémon Master League by collecting badges.

While this wouldn’t usually be big news for a standard Pokémon game, the fact that Pokémon Masters is a mobile game means that it’s clear Nintendo has big ambitions for the game. The adventure will be much more than merely walking around the island offering to fight random threesomes in battle, and instead will be more akin to the fully fledged Pokémon games that we’ve come to know and love, just without the collecting aspect and a simplified battle set-up (and real-time battles).

How many gym badges you could earn was not confirmed on stream, though if it follows the format of the main games, there will be eight to collect.

The game is due out on iOS and Android devices later this Summer.