Pokémon Masters EX Villains Arc begins with new Sygna Suits of Misty and Erika

Players can also get the chance to have Mega Mewtwo Y on their team.

Image via The Official Pokémon Masters EX YouTube Channel

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Developers DeNA released a trailer for the new Kanto Chapter of the Villains Arc for the mobile game Pokémon Masters EX. There was a prologue chapter called The Villain Event Prelude: Looming Shadow of Kanto that began on September 15. The prologue introduced new versions of Red and Blue into the game.

Now the Villains Arc will start properly with the Villain Event: Spreading Shadows. Spreading Shadows will begin on September 29, 11 PM PT, and it will last until October 15, 10:59 PM PT. Players will get the opportunity to add Mega Mewtwo Y to their party during the event. To get Mega Mewtwo Y, players will need to first complete the Legendary Event: Lurking Shadows – A Questionable Alliance to add Giovanni and Mewtwo to their party. Players will only be able to unlock Giovanni and Mewtwo in Lurking Shadow from September 15 to October 15.

Players can then collect Mewtwo Crystals during the Spreading Shadows events. The Mewtwo Crystals can be used in the item exchange, which will boost Giovanni and Mewtwo. Boosting up Mewtwo will then let Mewtwo mega evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y when it uses its sync move.

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As part of the Spreading Shadows event, two new Sygna Suit Syn pairings featuring Kanto Gym Leaders Misty and Erika can be recruited. Sygna Suits are new costumes for pre-existing characters with new partner Pokémon that players can recruit as new pair syncs. Sygna Suit Misty and Vaporeon are a water-type tech sync pair that can undo team stat reductions and also undo opponents’ stat boosts. Sygna Suit Erika and Leafeon are a grass-type tech sync pair that makes the weather sunny to boost abilities. Both Vaporeon and Leafeon are both Eevee evolutions, adding a clear connection between the two new sync pairs.

Sygna Suit Misty and Vaporeon will become available starting September 29 at 11 PM PT. Sygna Suit Erika and Leafeon will become available starting September 30, at 11 PM PT.