Pokemon Masters Hits 10 Million Downloads In Just 4 Days


Pokemon Masters, the new 3v3 narrative battler game for Android and iOS released just four days ago, but it has already amassed an impressive 10 million downloads.

Whilst Google Translate is not kind to the above tweet; we can discern that the game has hit 10 million downloads, and people are pleased about that fact. It is certainly an impressive number and details the interest that people have in this new twist on a Pokemon game.

Pokemon Masters focus on the island of Pasio, where the Pokemon Masters League is held each year. Trainers from all over the world arrive there with their signature Pokemon, hoping to climb to the top of the Masters League. The game centers around three vs. three battles, where you use teams built up of Sync Pairs, the Trainer and their signature Pokemon.

I was quite surprised by how narrative-heavy the game is, as you meet and talk with multiple trainers, play through story missions and quests, and rank up and evolve the various Pokemon in the game. The battling is fun and frantic, as you need to switch between targets depending on your types and the opponent’s weaknesses. Trainers can also do moves that will buff or heal Pokemon, and your Sync Attacks unleash powerful strikes against your foes.

There have been some launch issues; however, as some people are running into compatibility issues with their devices. DeNA, the developers, have said that this is something they are aware of, and they are working hard on expanding the list of compatible devices.