Pokémon Masters is giving players 6,000 Gems to compensate for bugs


Pokémon Masters has gotten off to a roaring start, with millions of players playing the game daily across the world, apparently despite some dealing with a severe gameplay bug.

Two issues were identified, with one affecting the use of Dire Hits, an item that increases the chance for a Pokémon to land a critical hit, and another that hampered the game’s Gear Upgrade features. But to make up for the problems hurting several player’s experiences with the game, the developers at DeNA are giving users 6,000 Gems as an apology.

That roughly translates to every player in the game getting two free Multi-Sync Pair Scouts, which cost 3,000 Gems each. Gems are not hard to get in the game if you are willing to grind out story missions, but this is an easy way to beef up your team with some powerful new members.

This also comes at a great time, since Pokémon Masters is in the middle of its first event Reach for the Top, which added the Blue and Pidgeot pair to the game. This is arguably one of the best pairs available, so getting 20 chances to pull him is an excellent way for DeNA to make up for some bugs.