Trainers Will Be Able To Perform Moves In Pokemon Masters


The upcoming Pokemon Masters mobile game is looking to put a different spin on the world of Pokemon. In today’s Pokemon Master Direct stream, fans got to learn more about the world of the game and what they’re going to do in it.

Pokemon Masters is all about trying to win the Pokemon Masters League and earning the title of the best Pokemon Trainer. In this game, DeNA and the Pokemon Company want to explore Trainers a lot more, and you are going to collect them.

Your goal is to find as many Pokemon Trainers on the island of Pasio as you can, which hosts the Pokemon Masters League tournament. Trainers have a single Pokemon that travels with them, and these duos are known as Sync Pairs. There will be a total of 65 Sync Pairs in the game at launch, made up of a Trainer and their favorite Pokemon.

Pokémon Masters introduces a new way to battle in the Pokémon world. Players will command a squad of three sync pairs in real-time team battles and release a barrage of moves—all while the AI opponent unleashes theirs at the same time. For the very first time in a Pokémon game, players can also direct Trainers in battle to use moves and healing items to increase a Pokémon’s stats. In addition to standard moves, players can occasionally deploy sync moves—powerful attacks performed by specific sync pairs. Players will need to ration their move gauge, which refills over time, to deploy the best moves at the most opportune times to lead their squad to victory.

Battles are 3v3 and take place in real time, and trainers can also use new special moves called Sync Moves. During combat, trainers can use moves, apply buffs to their Pokemon, or heal them. While many other Pokemon games have you healing or revive your Pokemon, such as Pokemon Go, in Pokemon Masters, you will actively help them out in the real battles that take place. You have to find the best trainers, and put together the best possible team to try to win the League.

Pokemon Masters releases later this summer for Android and iOS.