Professor Willow Finds Encrypted Team Go Rocket File in Pokémon GO


For a little while now, Pokémon GO has been teasing more and more information about the villainous group Team Go Rocket. The latest update comes as Professor Willow finds an encrypted file.

The newest update is short and doesn’t provide a whole lot of concrete information. It states that Professor Willow has intercepted a message that he believes contains critical information about Team Go Rocket. However, the message is encrypted, and the professor can’t seem to open or decipher it.

The brief update ends with a line referencing Team Rocket members Jessie and James from the Pokémon anime: “I knew we should prepare for trouble, but this is far from double.” However, it isn’t clear at this point if this is teasing the inclusion of Jessie and James in Pokémon GO at some point, or, more likely, if it’s simply a nod to the villainous team from which Team Go Rocket spawned.

Over the past couple of weeks, information regarding Team Go Rocket has been slowly trickling down to fans of the series. In particular, information on some of the team’s leaders has come out. Cliff is the musclebound Team Go Rocket leader who rivals Team Mystic’s Blanche. The devious Sierra is the leader who rivals Team Instinct’s Spark. Most recently, the leader Arlo, who rivals Team Valor’s Candela, was revealed. This all seems to be leading to the eventual reveal of Team Go Rocket’s main leader, who is likely the original Team Rocket leader from the first Pokémon games, Giovanni. Giovanni’s inclusion in Pokémon GO has yet to be confirmed, however. More Team Go Rocket updates are bound to come in the near future.