Project xCloud Could Be A Subscription


Over the past few days, Project xCloud has been a trending topic as Microsoft brought it at E3 2019 for the first hands-on opportunity outside of the workers at the company. We’ve reported multiple technical tests and all of them, more or less, have been quite positive from Los Angeles.

During a recent interview with The Verge, Phil Spencer has discussed the way it is going to work in terms of business. As we learned at E3 2019, we’ll have the opportunity to use our console as a personal datacenter for game streaming on our phone, and that’s going to be free.

However, if you don’t own an Xbox One console and don’t want to buy a Project Scarlett as soon as it releases in 2020, you’ll have the opportunity to access Microsoft’s datacenter for a fee. While it is said to be competitive in regards to Google Stadia, it hasn’t been decided yet how this will work.

Spencer has said that there’s the opportunity to make it a subscription service, and one we guess could be included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier together with PC, Xbox One Game Pass, and Xbox Live Gold.

“We haven’t talked about the business model yet. We’re here with the public preview to let people try it out, which is cool. It’s the first time we’ve had a hands-on for people who don’t work at Microsoft, so we’re learning a lot and listening a lot. We announced a date for when it’s coming, and we will be talking about a business model before it comes so people know what to do to sign up.

As you think about a subscription like Game Pass, I do think the idea of Game Pass and an xCloud-like subscription makes a ton of sense. Think about what the convergence of those two things looks like. I think it’s smart to think about. We haven’t announced anything there, but I’d say that idea makes a ton of sense. How do I build my library? Game Pass is a great way for you to secure a bunch of content. Then, how do I get access to that library wherever I go? Do I use hardware that’s Microsoft’s or hardware that’s my own in my home?”

Project xCloud is releasing in a public preview state this October.