PSA: Fortnite’s Weekly Quests will no longer roll over, will be limited to one week

An unwelcome change looks to be coming to Fortnite.

Image via Epic Games

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With Fortnite’s fourth chapter underway, plenty of players will be jumping in to see the new changes and additions to the battle royale. However, fans have noticed one possible change made by Epic to the game’s weekly challenges and are not too happy about it.

In a surprising change, weekly challenges — which would accumulate and roll over with each new week — will now include time limits that will require players to complete these quests before the weekly reset. In other words, players who do not play every week and complete their weekly quests will miss their chance to complete them and lose out on experience points and progress.

Players have expressed their annoyance at this apparent change and have taken to places like ResetEra to voice their concerns, with one user named Santar saying: “Taking away the player’s ability to do things at their own pace is a very bad direction for the game to go in. I don’t like being forced to play longer than I’m having fun.” Other users have shared similar feelings, with most stating that this new change is a bad direction for the game and the possible repercussions this may bring, such as fewer battle pass purchases.

In previous chapters, weekly quests would roll over with each weekly reset and could be completed later and accumulate alongside each new batch of quests until the end of a season. This setup meant more casual players or those who played in large chunks could still benefit from the EXP and play the game at their own pace.

At this time, Epic has not made any official statement as to whether this is the case, and users are still not sure if this is a misunderstanding or miscommunication. But a recent image of the new quest categories seems to suggest that this new change to weekly quests is true. For now, we’ll have to wait for the first weekly update to find out.