Psychonauts 2 update makes it easier to find every collectible

Figments will be less frustrating.

Image via Double Fine

Psychonauts 2 is a great game: our review calls it “a psychedelic and emotional thrill ride full of heart.” It’s full of heart, but it’s also full of collectibles. Every level has Figments, Emotional Baggage, and much more to find, while the overworld hides scavenger hunt items and supply chests. Thankfully, a new update is making it easier to track down all those pick-me-ups.

Developer Double Fine released a video detailing all the changes in the new quality-of-life patch. Creative director Tim Schafer gives a spoiler warning at the top, so while this article doesn’t include anything that’ll ruin the experience, you might not want to watch the video below until you’ve finished the game.

As for the content of the update, there are a bunch of helpful changes coming your way. Checkmarks will appear in the menus to indicate if you’ve collected everything in a particular location. Previously, you’d only get a checkmark for the level overall, but now you’ll know if you’re missing anything in each individual area. A new Otto-Spot filter for the camera will also ping the location of collectibles with a yellow circle, and the Figment menu will display the Figments you haven’t found yet. Additionally, an extra Psychoseismometer will appear in Otto’s lab after Gisu’s quest ends, giving you an opportunity to earn any combat-related achievements/trophies you’re missing. Altogether, these quality-of-life improvements will make it much easier to reach that coveted 100% completion for Psychonauts 2.

If you still need help, we’ve got you covered. We have guides to help you find all the Emotional Baggage and Memory Vaults in the game, plus all the rest of the collectibles. If you need to get Psitanium fast to afford that new Otto-Spot filter, we can help there too.