PUBG Update #30 Patch Notes: New Weapon, Vehicle, Radio Message Feature, And More

Deep Down Screen 3

The new PUBG update hits live servers today.

The new update #30 patch for PUBG adds a new quality of life improvement, a ledge grab mechanic to navigate the map, and a new weapon and armored vehicle.

Included in today’s patch is the new radio message feature. This allows players to communicate quickly with a set of eight preset messages, and call out specific items – loot, ammo requests, enemy location – in the chat using a communication ping system.

Added to the list of available weapons is the .45 caliber Deagle. The Deagle is a powerful handgun that can punch through high-level armor such as level three helmets, however, comes with a heavy recoil that makes it difficult to land shots.

The new vehicle introduced to PUBG is the BRDM-2, an armored assault vehicle able to traverse land and sea, to avoid traps and ambushes. The BRDM-2 is equipped with indestructible tyres, damage reducing armor, and overall high health pool.

Players can traverse the map easier with the new ledge grab mechanic. This feature allows characters to mount ledges of hard to reach areas, to set up ambushes and access better vantage points for sniping.

The gas cans are now ignitable and can be used as explosives. Players can use gas cans to set up traps by setting them off when enemies are nearby.

Further information may be found on the PUBG patch notes