PUBG Sold 10 Million Units in the Last 18 Months Alone


The name may claim to be unknown, but if recent sales figures are any indication, these days the game is actually quite well know.

Just 18 months after developers PUBG Corp announced it had hit the 50 million units mark back in June 2018, Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst for video game research and consulting firm Niko Partners, has announced PUBG has sold another 10 million since then, across PC and consoles.

Ahmad did not share specifics across different platforms, but these numbers do not include the PUBG mobile version or China.

We know the mobile PUBG game has been downloaded over 600 million times, so those sales figures could increase even further.

Before Fortnite had a battle royale game mode, PUBG led the way with a unique new archetype of having players land randomly on a map, grab what weapons they could, and survive. There have been several iterations of this game type, including Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and many others having their own spins on the concept.

Despite so many different version of a battle royale, PUBG continues to top the Steam charts alongside big shots like DOTA, CS:GO, and GTA V.

New features have been added to the game since it first launched, like battle passes every few months for new cosmetics, new weapons, and a new game in the franchise, called Prologue, announced during the 2019 Game Awards. We know little about the project and expect to learn more next year.