Insider claims unnamed studio is working on a new Knights of the Old Republic, and it’s not EA

The first three games were published by EA.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Image via Bioware

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A new Star Wars game based on the Knights of the Old Republic franchise is currently under development, with rumors specifying that the new game does not involve original publisher EA.

The original RPG released in 2003 with Bioware at the helm. Its sequel, called The Sith Lords, developed by RPG specialist and now Microsoft-owned Obsidian, launched the following year. Both games received critical acclaim for their quality of storytelling, writing, and having consequences for the player’s actions. 

Bioware returned to the series with MMO The Old Republic in 2011, but issues with queue times and game key authentication soured the launch of an otherwise entertaining adventure. 

Until recently, EA held the exclusive rights to create games based on the multi-billion dollar Disney-owned franchise. However, following the formation of Lucasfilm Games and the announcement of their collaboration with Ubisoft on a new Star Wars game, it was confirmed that EA would no longer be the sole producer of games in the Sci-Fi series.

This means that the Knights of the Old Republic is open for a developer to continue its story outside of EA, and according to reputable Star Wars insider Bespin Bulletin, a new installment is in development at an unnamed studio. No other details were given, aside from the developer being someone that fans are unlikely to expect.

Another report last year claimed that EA had greenlit a game in the series, though Bespin Bulletin has suggested that it’s now not being developed by EA.

Considering the recent announcement of new games in Star Wars, and the popularity of the Knights of the Old Republic series, it should perhaps come as no surprise that Lucasfilm wants to bring the series back. Whether it would be in its traditional form is unknown.

However, considering that Lucasfilm Games has already announced a game based on Indiana Jones, likely to be a single-player adventure given the nature of that franchise, a new Star Wars RPG in the original’s mold would not be a surprise or unwelcome.