Reported VR shipment delays indicate a 2023 release for PlayStation VR 2

A reality check for virtual reality headsets.


Image via Sony

Sony officially named the PlayStation VR 2 at this year’s CES. Since that January announcement, we’ve learned that PSVR 2 will reportedly have the highest graphical fidelity of any VR headset. That sounds great, but it may still be a while before we can strap one on.

A tweet from Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young tells us why. Ross, who previously discussed the PSVR 2’s high graphical fidelity, said that “VR display shipments [will rise higher than] 50% in 2022, despite delays to 2023 at Apple and Sony.” This report lines up with a previous one from January, which said Apple’s AR/VR headset could be delayed to 2023. In Sony’s case, the PSVR 2 was said to be going into production soon, but no release date was ever given. “Delay” isn’t really the right wording in that case, but semantics doesn’t change the fact that 2023 looks like the likely release window for the new headset.

Of course, PlayStation still has other technology to work on in the meantime. A recently updated (then deleted) end user license agreement for the DualSense states that the controller’s firmware updater is headed to PC and Mac. This has implications for feature parity and streaming capabilities with Sony’s upcoming combination of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a single service.