Resident Evil 4 Remake kicks off an ARG to build up backstory leading to release

Solve the mystery of Baby Eagle’s kidnapping.

Image via Capcom

Resident Evil 4 Remake is on the verge of launching later this month, and Capcom is doing everything in its power to make sure that fans don’t forget it. While the developer just gave us a big glimpse into the story via a new trailer, it is also finding other clever ways to get players ready to dive into rural Spain as Leon in search of Ashley on March 24. Today, a viral alternate reality game website has shown up online to give fans a chance to partake in the game’s backstory leading up to its release.

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Players who wish to tackle this ARG can visit the Baby Eagle is Missing website to uncover the clues and attempt to solve the mystery. For those who don’t know, Baby Eagle is the alias given to the American president’s daughter, Ashley Graham. Ashley is kidnapped before the start of Resident Evil 4’s narrative, and this is the reason that Leon ventures to Valdelobos in search of answers on a lead.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The ARG presents you with different memos from agents in the Secret Service Northeastern Division. Players are also given a variety of evidence that the team has on Ashley’s kidnapping. The goal is to cycle through the various tools given to you in order to figure out who the kidnapper is and how they managed to get away while dodging all modern technology. The site may even plan to update with more clues and data over the weeks, as the files are listed as around the first 24 hours after Ashley’s abduction.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake is looking to be the definitive version of the beloved original game. Fans have been a little reluctant to get hyped for this reimagining as the initial title is widely accepted as a masterpiece in gaming history. All signs point to Capcom taking great care of this updated version, however, by just building on the vision of the first with modern gameplay and no cut content.