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Sea of Thieves comes to your tabletop with a new board game by Steamforged Games

A new treasure for fans to play and discover.

Sea of Thieves is preparing to set sail for your tabletop. It has been announced that Steamforged Games will be collaborating on a tabletop board game of Rare’s pirate-based adventure sandbox that will be coming later this year. Steamforged Games announced the collaboration via Twitter and teased the reveal in February. However, they haven’t indicated what the game will entail or provided a solid release date.

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Steamforged Games has worked on many other board game adaptations of popular video games, including Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Resident Evil, and the upcoming Gears of War Card Game. Though we don’t have any details on gameplay, it’s safe to assume it will share similarities to these other games and will come with a slew of miniatures, cards, and other mechanics, as well as some unique twists inspired by the video game. Maybe some ship-based combat? It will also likely be as big and complicated as their other games, so you’d best be prepared for a lot of rule reading.

Reception to their games is often hit or miss, with some being faithful, exciting adaptations of the source material, while others are messy and less faithful, to say the least. Fans of Rare’s pirate adventure will hope this one falls into the former camp. This also isn’t the first time Sea of Thieves has made its way to tabletop, as the franchise also released a roleplaying game back in 2019 in collaboration with Mongoose Publishing, which even got an expansion in 2021.

If you plan to jump into the Sea of Thieves video game before checking out the analog version, there is plenty for you to do, and we’ve got some guides to help you along. Whether you need a refresher on the game’s story and lore, some tips for becoming a ship PvP pro, or some help hiding treasure, we’ve got you covered.

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