Sea of Thieves Adventures – the story so far

The greatest buried treasure of all is lore.

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For a game that got its start just sending players across the map to dig up treasure and return it for a fee, Sea of Thieves does an admirable job of setting up expansive and engaging storylines these days. Sometimes these come in the form of its longer-form Tall Tales, but more recently Adventures have been shouldering the burden of an over-arching narrative for the game.

This is all well and good, but due to the limited-time nature of Sea of Thieves’ Adventures, that intriguing story can be a little bit tricky for latecomers to get into. At best, they can get a one-line summation of the previous Adventure from the in-game menu, but considering the twists and turns that take place over the course of several questlines, you might hope for something a little more than that. Thankfully, we’ve got the lowdown on what’s happened so far in Sea of Thieves’ Adventures, so you can jump into the latest offering with a clear conscience and head full of lore.

The story so far in Sea of Thieves’ Adventures

Shrouded Islands

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Shrouded Islands was the first Adventure added to Sea of Thieves. The story centered around Golden Sands Outpost and a mysterious mist known as the Fog of the Damned which descended on several islands. Officially introducing the likes of Belle and the Servant of the Flame, Shrouded Islands also showed off the potential for Adventures in reshaping the world of Sea of Thieves, bringing the Sea Forts into the world of the living for good.

Forts of the Forgotten

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Forts of the Forgotten saw pirates coming to the rescue of the denizens of Golden Sands, imprisoned in the then-newly-added Sea Forts around the Sea of Thieves. Tantalizing details of the plans of Captain Flameheart and the Reapers also trickled in, along with the curious mention of something known only as the Veil of the Ancients.

The Shrouded Deep

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The Shrouded Deep brought back fan favorite Merrick for one last haul — hunting down the legendary Megalodon, the Shrouded Ghost, in order to lay claim to the Veil of the Ancients apparently languishing in the beast’s belly. Fighting off Ghost Ships and meeting the fancy captain Sir Arthur Pendragon, players would ultimately return the Veil of the Ancients to the hands of the Pirate Lord for safekeeping, albeit without the Veil Stones that gave it its power.

Lost Sands

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Lost Sands was a milestone for Sea of Thieves Adventures, providing the first opportunity for a community-driven decision that affected the story significantly. Merrick finds himself in competition with the Servant of the Flame for the soul of Golden Sands Outpost, now he’s figured out a way to hopefully lift the mysterious fog from the island. Players could choose whether to aid Merrick or the Servant, with Merrick’s Hunter’s Path ultimately taking the win once the Adventure ended, allowing for the rebuilding of the outpost.

The Forsaken Hunter

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After his successes in Lost Sands, The Forsaken Hunter sees Merrick mysteriously disappear. In this Adventure, players will hunt him down across the Sea of Thieves, coming across Belle once again and learning about the mysterious and deadly Dark Brethren. Merrick’s fate seems greatly imperiled, and by the end of the Adventure he’s imprisoned in the Sea of the Damned at the behest of the Dark Brethren. Fearful of the secrets he might spill to his captors, Belle starts working on a way to get him home.

A Hunter’s Cry

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A Hunter’s Cry saw the grand attempt to rescue Merrick from the Sea of the Damned and the machinations of the Dark Brethren. The Hunter was saved from an ignominious fate and the Brethren forced to retreat, but out of fear of what they might do for the secrets hidden away in his head, Merrick opts to go into hiding.

The Sirens’ Prize

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The Sirens’ Prize returned focus to Belle, Captain Flameheart, and the Reapers back on the Sea of Thieves. With Merrick safely squirreled away, players could now venture beneath the waves with Belle after finding out about a nasty-sounding prophecy. Importantly, the events of the Adventure saw pirates getting the Ancients on their side to help bolster the ranks before the possible resurrection of Captain Flameheart alluded to in the prophecy.

Herald of the Flame

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The eponymous Herald of the Flame was none other than Stitcher Jim, last seen in the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. In this Adventure, Jim was discovered being afflicted with Ashen Curse, and in the process of readying and restoring Captain Flameheart’s physical form in advance of his potential resurrection. The deeds of pirates willing to take on the Herald of the Flame put pay to Jim’s attempts to restore Flameheart, but even in defeat, he was able to set things in motion for the next Adventure, which would see a race against time to try and stop the Captain’s return.

Return of the Damned

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Return of the Damned saw Belle and Sir Arthur Pendragon fighting against time to stop the resurrection of Captain Flameheart by the Reapers. Players were able to choose which side to support, conquering Sea Forts and finding powerful relics known as Bewitching Dolls in the name of their chosen cause. The outcome of this one had the potential to shape the fate of the entire Sea of Thieves, as not only would the return of Captain Flameheart spell disaster for many, but Pendragon’s own soul hung in the balance too. Ultimately, the allure of the Servants of the Flame proved too much for players to resist, and Captain Flameheart was returned to the world of the living to wreak havoc on the high seas once again.

The Rogue’s Legacy

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In a change of scenery, The Rogue’s Legacy moves away from the chaos of the ongoing Battle for the Sea of Thieves. Instead, it follows the story of Tasha, the tavern keeper at Ancient Spire Outpost. After trying to complete a quest left to her in her childhood by the legendary Captain Briggsy, Tasha succumbs to a skeletal curse. With the aid of Madame Olivia of the Order of Souls, players had to seek out three artifacts of Briggsy’s in order to try and find a cure for the condition.

The Secret Wilds

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The hunt for a cure for Tasha’s skeletal curse is still going strong, but time is not on her side. Luckily, Madame Olivia was able to divine some new clues from the memories recalled in the previous Adventure. Using Briggsy’s mask, players must head for The Wilds in search of a remedy for Tasha’s condition before it’s too late. Along the way, expect to dig up some history on the mysterious Ancients — perhaps they knew of a cure?